Dr. Heather Martin brings great expertise and passion to her work as a clinical pharmacist and diabetes health educator. She quickly establishes rapport with her clients and partners closely with them to promote their health and wellness. I would trust her with a family member or friend to achieve superior outcomes.

It’s my privilege to have been working with Dr. Martin since she became a health coach. She has helped me so much in setting up and maintaining achievable health goals with patience & compassion. With her sweet voice and wisdom, she has bestowed onto me her greatest gifts: precisely, PATIENCE WITH & COMPASSION TO myself. This has made my long-term health goals not just more achievable, but also actually sustainable. I highly endorse her.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2011 at the age of 30. Heather has given me a motivation I didn’t have before and the skills which are producing the results I wanted but could not achieve on my own. Becoming healthy is not easy and takes a new mindset to accomplish. Within a short time of Heather and I working together, my blood sugar levels have stayed consistently in a normal range, I’ve reduced my medication and have even been able to stop taking other prescribed medication completely.  If you are someone who wants to make changes but aren’t sure if this is the direction you should make, I say DO IT. You are worth it! I feel better all day long, my mind is clear and I don’t feel sluggish. I am 100% satisfied with my time with Heather.

It was my pleasure to work with Heather Martin for 7 years. Together we collaborated to care for people with Diabetes in a medical clinic.  I can without reservation assure any client of her expertise in the health field. I was first curious to work with her when a previously very frustrated patient spoke so highly of Heather and his positive experience. He was so grateful for her expert guidance to improve his diabetes and her caring rapport.  She is very attuned to listening to what each individual wants to accomplish and will keep their goals foremost. As we started working together I soon learned that Heather is such a great nutrition resource herself. Heather also has a gift for establishing a network of resources that she accesses to make her clients feel surrounded by knowledge.

Working with Heather is amazing! Before I felt so stuck in life and I was going through a really hard time. Though I am still going through this hard time I feel much less stuck. Working with her is very refreshing. You can tell that she loves and is good at what she does. I am always smiling when I talk with her. I feel heard and I’m able to see parts of myself that I never realized were there.  She reflects what I am saying and encourages me to look toward my best self. Not only did we set up a wonderful wellness vision of who I desire to be, but it came from me! I didn’t feel like I had to do anything to make her happy as my coach. It was a relief and very motivating! She never told me what to do but rather helped me find the answers and motivation within myself. I would reccomend Heather to anyone I love.  She makes my day a better day 100% of the time when we meet. I now have a solid way of looking toward my future and living each day successfully.