A Health Coach = Health Success!

What is a health coach? A health coach helps you design your health strategy and achieve success! Are you coping with a chronic health condition?

Your disease doesn’t define you. YOU define you!

Sustainable strategies for living well with:

  • Diabetes
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Lung Disease (COPD)
  • Osteoporosis

The first time you learned about your health condition was likely an emotional day that you haven’t forgotten. You felt scared by the news and worried about what that actually meant for your life. You also likely had a lot of questions. Will I  have this condition forever? Will I get worse over time or have other health problems as a result of this disease? Will I live a shorter life because of this? Will I be able to do the things I want to do each day? What changes can I make to improve my health now?

If you were lucky your good doctor, nurse, dietician, or pharmacist was there to answer your questions. Your health team had lots of advice, information, and instructions about all the things you should and shouldn’t do now that you had this health condition. It felt like you had a lot of changes to make and a long road ahead of you.  However, you trusted your health team and they would support you every step of the way.  If you weren’t so lucky you left without reassurance and with 1,2,3…new prescriptions feeling confused, overwhelmed, and alone.



Your Health. Your Strategy. Your Way.

Are you committed to taking control of your health conditions instead of letting them control you?

Are you ready to invest in yourself and make your health a priority?

Are you motivated to improve your health, reduce your risk, and prevent further disease?

What are you willing to do to reach YOUR health goals?

Get started today by scheduling a complimentary, 15-minute phone call.  We will discuss your health conditions,  priorities, and how to live successfully with a health condition by creating a custom, strategic health plan.

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Health & Wellness Coaching for your unique lifestyle.


Why choose to work with Heather Martin at Hopeful Wellness?

Health Coach, Diabetes Educator, Speaker - Heather Martin of Hopeful Wellness

As a clinical pharmacist, I spent over 16 years in healthcare serving people just like you who have a deep desire to be free from disease, feel healthy, be stronger and just simply BE WELL.  I am uniquely skilled at supporting your success managing a chronic health condition. Whether you have diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, COPD, or osteoporosis I’m here to help you thrive.  I’ve helped thousands of people manage their health conditions by assesing their disease and consulting on possible treatment options.  I offer specific, practical advice in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and medication use to improve health, prevent disease, and promote wellness.  I combine clinical expertise with effective health coaching to help you integrate your medical advice with your values, beliefs, and culture in a way that works for your lifestyle.  My unique approach helps you realize sustainable results because it is customized to your unique life. It has to fit with your life or you won’t do it and it won’t work. Yes, even though I am a pharmacist, I know that you want more POSSIBILITIES and fewer prescriptions! I love, love, love watching you decrease or stop medications as you reach your health goals and live well. Your success is my priority! 

What happens during a Health Strategy Session?

A Health Strategy Session is a 90-minute appointment to assess the current status of your health condition and your risk for future disease.  Together, we also review your options to improve your health and develop a custom strategic action plan that aligns with your lifestyle.

The process follows these basic steps:

  1. You provide background information about yourself by taking a health and well-being assessment. This includes providing information about your most recent lab results, medical visit instructions, and current medications.   Sharing this information allows us to both be well-informed on the key issues, including your health and medical considerations.

  2. During the 90 minute session, you identify your personal priorities and how you define wellness in your life.  You’ll create a health & wellness vision of how you would like things to be.

  3. I will provide education about your condition so that you can understand and prioritize your treatment options.   Then we will work together to develop your personalized health plan and three-month health goals that align with your lifestyle.

  4.  At the close of our session I will write a formal session summary that you can review and discuss with your medical team.  This will include your desired strategic health plan and any recommendations for medication changes if necessary.  This can be a useful tool to help you stay clear about what treatments you want and don’t want when you are talking with your doctors.

  5. Then, you can make an appointment with your doctor to talk about your needs. You’ll feel informed, empowered and confident to advocate for the support you want to protect your health. You can also start implementing your strategic health plan in your day-to-day life,  take control of your health conditions, and live well.

Health strategy sessions are typically done over the phone which has many benefits for you as the client.  Phone appointments can be scheduled at your convenience and you can participate in appointments from the comfort of whatever space you enjoy most.  Yes, bunny slippers are A-Ok!

How is a health strategy session different from health coaching?

Working with a health coach WILL help you break free from old bad habits, create new healthy habits, stay on track and reach the success you want.  Coaching is right for YOU if… you are ready to take action, invest in yourself, reach your goals, and THRIVE living at your full potential!  Coaching is NOT personal training. Personal training is exercise for your body.  Coaching is exercise for your brain.

A Health Strategy Session is a little bit coaching but also a whole lot more (as you read above). Some clients choose to start with a health strategy session and then decide to continue with coaching for on-going support as they follow their custom health plan.  Each client has unique priorities and needs.  That’s why I offer unique, custom designed programs. Schedule a complimentary, 15-minute phone call with me today. Let’s talk about your unique needs and create your custom strategic health plan.

 What payment options do I have for a Health Strategy Session or Coaching?

Health and wellness coaching is a scientifically proven, effective tool for disease prevention and health maintenance.  Working with a health and wellness coach is an investment in your future. Your investment in coaching will more than pay for itself with avoidance of future healthcare appointment and prescription costs. Most importantly, how you will feel when you achieve your health and wellness goals is a PRICELESS return on investment. How much is your health worth to you?

We invoice for services using online payment provider PayPal.  PayPal offers you the choice of secure, convenient payment options by both your credit card or bank account.  Often clients choose to pay for their health coaching investment themselves (schedule a phone call to discuss your needs and current pricing). However, you may be eligible for assistance paying for your investment.

Many health insurance plans offer reimbursement of payment for health and wellness coaching services.  Insurance plans recognize that it is better (and cheaper) to prevent disease than to treat disease.  Therefore including health and wellness coaching benefits in their health insurance coverage makes sense.  Check your health insurance plan details to find out if you are covered for health and wellness coaching.

Employers know that healthy employees who are living well are happy productive employees. That’s why more and more employer wellness programs offer seperate benefits to reimburse for health coaching in addition to health insurance. Your employer may also offer you a tax deferred health savings account. A health savings account gives you the ability to put aside money each month tax-free that you can use for eligible health services.  Some health savings accounts recognize health and wellness coaching as reimbursable services. Check with your human resources, benefits, or employee wellness teams to find out what options are available to you.

Health & Wellness Coaching for your unique lifestyle at Hopeful Wellness.

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