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Whether you are living with or supporting a loved one with, a chronic disease you might be feeling overwhelmed, burdened, and plagued with the belief that you’ll never live well again.

Well let me share some really good news…this belief is simply NOT TRUE!

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease, like diabetes or heart disease, is not the end to living. Sometimes, you just don’t know what you don’t know. You may be unsure of your condition and your options. You may feel confused about how to take action to reduce your disease risks and live fully while feeling your best. You may be unsure about how to best support your loved one while they manage their health and reach their wellness goals. However, there are some things you do know.


You want information! You crave inspiration!

You long to feel empowered and confident in your ability to live uniquely well.

I’ve blended my experience as a Coach, Diabetes Educator, and Pharmacist to create eCourses that combine science-based, practical health information with science-based, positive coaching strategies.  The result, a learning experience that informs and sparks inspiration to take action so that you can achieve your best health and wellness. Oh and don’t forget a learning experience that is FUN!  Play is powerful. Fun is Fundamental. My favorite teachers always made learning fun and I strive to do the same in each course I create for you.

Lastly, my eCourses are for busy people who want to learn in the comfort of their own homes, at their own pace, and who don’t like to just listen to long boring lectures. BLEH- nobody likes a long boring lecture.  I firmly believe that health and wellness education can be engaging and FUN! Let’s start learning.

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