Diabetes Hurting to Healthy in 2 months – Tim’s Story.

Time to care for diabetes differently.

Have you ever had a time in your life where you needed to make a big change but you didn’t? You really wanted to but waited, delayed, or told yourself…maybe later. That’s about how I felt when deciding to open this business as a Health Coach and online diabetes educator. I knew for years that I wanted to work differently. Yet, something always held me back from getting started. Fear.

I mean, what happens if I fail? What if people aren’t really interested in this work? Will the people I long to help actually find it valuable? What if I don’t make enough money to provide for those I love? What if I need to go back to more “traditional” healthcare work? Will my professional reputation be hurt? What will all my healthcare colleagues think about me? Will people take me seriously? Will I lose friends and meaningful relationships? Fear, worry, and more fear.

Yet, there came a time when I was faced with a more important question.
What happens if I never try?

I want to use my 15 years clinical pharmacist experience managing chronic health conditions & combine it with the power of coaching to make a deep meaningful impact. Something bigger than my former healthcare setting appointment schedule would allow. I mean there is only so much help you can give when you’re limited to a 15-minute appointment every few weeks!

I know that the focused attention I give my clients in my private coaching sessions is truly valuable. Working together, one-on-one, for an hour at a time is effective. Scheduling coaching sessions frequently will make this even more effective. My clients see progress quickly! That feels SOOOOO good! Wow- I’m giving great service and making a big impact now! Would you like a little more of that? YES PLEASE, Thank you!

This is exactly what happened when I started working with my first clients at Hopeful Wellness. All my fears were melting away about whether this business was the right decision. Why? Because I started seeing the results my clients are having. Big results in short amounts of time. I truly do BELIEVE in your capacity to live well and am humbled to watch you put your capacity into action.

Getting started…

One of my first clients was Tim. A 30 something-year-old husband, father, and person with Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes support is one of my specialties. I’ve helped thousands of people to improve their Diabetes and decrease their risk for health complications of the disease. I was excited to work with Tim through my business, Hopeful Wellness, and watch the magic happen when I combined coaching with my clinical diabetes educator skills.

When Tim started working with me his blood sugars were very high, dangerously so. This not only puts him at risk for serious complications of Diabetes (like heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, blindness) but he was already having some nerve damage pain in his feet. Tim REALLY wanted to be healthier. He was ready to take action to improve his health and was committed to the coaching process. He didn’t completely understand what his blood sugars actually meant or what caused them to be high. Tim was also frustrated with having to take his diabetes medications and wanted to get off the meds for good.

When we first started Tim was really looking for information and advice to tell him what to do to fix his diabetes problems. Yet, I wanted to not just offer answers but teach him skills that he can use to stay healthy for a lifetime. I convinced him to trust me and the coaching process. Then, I combined diabetes education and advice with coaching so that he was learning how to be his own self-care expert. I filled gaps in his diabetes knowledge, I taught skills, I offered resources, I gave options. Tim made the decisions that would work for him. Tim set goals that were most important to him. Tim did the work to take action and reach his goals. To use a sports metaphor, I coached him through the program but I didn’t do the sit-ups for him.

Tim did an AMAZING job too! He saw big results in just 2 months spending only about 5 hours together in telephone coaching sessions. In that short time, his blood sugar numbers dropped back into the safe zone, his nerve pain went away, and he even stopped some of his diabetes medication. Woo-Hoo! Want to know the best part? He now understood what diabetes was and how to keep living well with diabetes. He had the skills, the knowledge, the motivation, and the confidence to sustain success in the future!

I asked Tim for some feedback about working with me and he gave me permission to share his story with you below.

Tim’s story – in his words.

The common misconception is, to eat healthy one must spend a lot of money. I believed this to be true until recently. I have come to realize you can eat a healthy diet while staying on a budget. I thought diabetes happened because you are overweight. However, I am 6-foot tall Y’all, weigh 165 pounds, and by no means overweight.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2011 and with medication, I was able to control my sugar levels without any additional lifestyle changes or effort. However, this past year my sugar levels began to increase to consistent levels near or exceeding the 200 mark. I was not happy with the changes my body was making. After consulting my physician, he prescribed additional medication. Yes, the adding of more prescriptions helped but I quickly decided I did not want this as my solution. I did not want to rely so heavily on medication just to live my life.

I started working with Heather Martin so I could become better educated about life choices and to retrain my thought process with regards to being healthier.

Heather took the time to explain and educate me on my medication, what it is designed to do and how it works with my body. She even informed me when the best time was to take my medication when I’m eating certain foods. I was surprised how minor changes affected the efficiency of my medication.

By working with Heather I have become more conscious of checking my sugar levels throughout the day to make sure I stay on track. Heather has given me a motivation I didn’t have before and the skills which are producing the results I wanted but could not achieve on my own.

Becoming healthy is not easy and takes a new mindset to accomplish. Within the short time Heather and I worked together, my sugar levels have stayed consistently in a normal range, I’ve reduced my medication and have even been able to stop taking other prescribed medication completely.

If you are someone who wants to make changes but aren’t sure if this is the direction you should make, I say DO IT. You are worth it! I feel better all day long, my mind is clear and I don’t feel sluggish. I am 100% satisfied with my time with Heather.

I am looking forward to seeing what else I can change and to hopefully one day eliminate my medication completely. A side note, this all occurred while on break from the gym so I will be excited to add this back to my routine as well!

– Tim Magnuson

Tim & his beautiful family.

Yes, yes, YES! Is it such a great story right? I feel so humbled to be a part of Tim’s success story. Yet, truly he needs the most credit. He did the work.

So, what was the most important thing Tim did to turn his diabetes hurt into health? Tim took action. For him, that action was getting the help and support he needed to create the results he wanted but hadn’t been able to achieve on his own. More simply, his action was to face a fear of failing and just try again anyway. This time he chose to not go it alone. He made his success with the help of health coaching by his side. And I got to be the lucky coach there to help him.

What can you do today to achieve the health you want? Share in the comments below.

If the fear of failure is holding you back don’t go it alone. Work with a health coach to get the support you need.  You won’t regret it.  You’ll achieve the results you want and make them last. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute call with me to learn more.

BELIEVE in your power to BE WELL. You got this!

With Hope,


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